Management and advice

Tax area

  • Advice to freelancers, professionals and companies.
  • Income TAX
  • Income TAX of individuals.
  • Wealth TAX.
  • Inheritance and Gift Tax.
  • Integral TAX planning.
  • Periodic TAX liquidation.

Commercial area

  • Corporate Transactions : Constitution , Fusion , Dissolution , Expansion Capital , Modification of statutes , etc.
  • Preparation and filing of financial statements.
  • Assistance at reunions and preparation of proceedings.
  • Negotiations.
  • Legalization of official ledgers.

Accounting area

  • Accounting for the Business Operations.
  • Mandatory Bookkeeping.
  • Budgetary, analitycal and costs accounting.
  • Accouint Auditing.

Labor area

  • Company registration with the Social Security.
  • Processing of grants and bonuses in labor contracts.
  • Contracts, Hiring, Dismissal and Modification of data of employees.
  • Request for postponement of social security contributions.
  • Preparation of payroll and settlements.
  • Labor costs statistics.
  • Prevention of occupational risks.
  • Reconciliations to the CEMAC.
  • Representation during Labor Inspections.


Civil area

  • General legal advice.
  • Drafting of all types of civil and commercial contracts.
  • Horizontal Property.
  • Legal representation in court proceedings.


  • Administrative appeal.
  • Claim liability of the Directors.

Criminal Law

  • Misdemeanor proceedings.
  • Claims for injuries resulting from traffic accidents.


  • Covenants of separation and divorce.
  • Separations and divorces by mutual agreement and contentious ones.
  • Marriage contract.
  • Family mediation.

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